Who We Are

As it says at the top of this page, the Winters Open Mic is a monthly gathering of musicians, poets, and other creatives. We are based in the historic small town of Winters, California, founded in 1875. We meet the third week of each month. Currently, the location, day of the week, and start time depend on the time of year.

The Winters Open Mic is a non-profit operation. We depend on the donated time and energy of our board and crew to keep going. Below is a list of our current board and crew.

If you would like to become a part of the Winters Open Mic team, please let us know using our contact page or by emailing us at: wintersopenmic@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Board Members

Jesse Loren – Chair
Corrine Martinez – Treasurer
Rebecca Fridae – Secretary
Gregg Partridge – Board member at large
Gar House – Board member at large

Crew members

  • Steve Ackley
  • Brain Bellamy
  • Dave Campos
  • Dana Cox
  • Susan Di Matteo
  • Markland Fridae
  • Ron Koci
  • Kate Laddish
  • Gabe Lewin
  • Jeff McMoyler
  • Gregg Partridge
  • Ernie Silva
  • Sue Stackhouse
  • Ken Wilson